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Rob Zippo • O:303.797.9700 • C:720.879.1218 E:[email protected]

Full Service Product Development/Engineering

Electrical Engineering  & Software Development

Electrical hardware design with focus on High Speed Digital / GHz IO’s, Embedded Processor Designs, Power Designs, Motors AC & DC, Steppers, RF – RFID, WiFi, PGA Development, Software/Firmware Development

Turn-on & test.  Standard power up,  Design debug & testing, compliance & thermal analysis.  

Enclosure Development & Mechanical Hardware Design, Plastic & precision sheet metal & machined parts, Cable Design, 3D Modeling, Prototype & Production tooling & CAD Files for seamless handoff to manufacturing.  


PCB Layout & Design

Our PCB design tools include Cadence Allegro, Mentor Graphics & Altium Designer.  Component library design & maintenance, High Speed Digital, GHz IO’s, .4mm BGAs, blind & buried vias, Power, Analog, High-Touch, RF – RFID Tags, WiFi, VLSI Test Boards, Flex & Rigid Flex designs, Asic Test Boards, Controlled Impedance

BOM Development, Gerber File & Assembly File Creation.  


PCB Fabrication – Prototype

24 hour to 10 day lead-times depending on technology, 3/3 lines & spaces, 30+ layers, Rigid/Flex or Rigid-Flex Designs, Commercial or Military, Blind & Buried vias, Non-conductive filled vias, Impedance control/Stack up Engineering support with TDR Testing, Hi-Aspect Ratio, Heatsinks, Sequential Laminations, Antenna PCBS, Heavy Copper, Edge Plating, Hybrid (mixed material) designs, DFM Feedback

Materials Include: FR-4 (low & hi-temp), Teflon, Polyimide, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic

Surface Finishes include: HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver, Full body Nickel/Gold, Wire bondable Gold, Conductive Carbon Inks & many RoHs compliant finishes.

6-12 hour quote response time.

Bleeding Edge PCB Fabrication Includes: Ultra-High Aspect Ratio (>34:1), 70+ layer PCBs, Large Format PCBs (up to 54”), Backplanes, HDI with Any-Layer-Via Structures, up to 25 GHz Speeds, Backdrilling, Buried Capacitance/Resistors, Press fit connectors, Heavy copper up to 10 ounces & Semi Automated TDR testing


PCB Fabrication – Offshore production

Taiwan & China factories, 5 day deliveries to anywhere is USA, Low – High volumes, 2/2 lines & spaces, Rigid/Flex or Rigid-Flex PCBS, Metal core, 36+ layers, Stacked vias, Laser drilling, Blind & Buried vias, v-scoring , skip scoring, or punching.  

Materials Include: FR-4 (low & hi-temp), Teflon, Polyimide, Rogers, BT, Kapton, Epoxy, Aluminum Core

Surface Finishes include: HASL, ENIG,

Customs fees, Duty, Freight – All inclusive

Stocking programs from Utah based humidity controlled warehouse & JIT Deliveries overnight to maximize annual purchasing power.  Pay As You Pull and Vendor Managed Inventories.  C of Cs & First Article Inspection (FAI) & Electrical Test reports with every delivery.

24 hour quote response time



Consumer Electronics, Contract Manufacturers, OEMs, Data Storage, Aerospace, Medical, Military, Instrumentation, Semiconductor, Down-Hole, Alternative Energy, Technology Start-ups


Certifications & Specifications

IPC – 1710

IPC-6012 Class II & III



MIL-PRF-55110 Rev.G

MIL-PRF-31032 (pending)

ISO 14001 (environmental)


GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative)

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